• 1935 Schwinn Autocycle

  • $14,999.00

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This bike epitomized Richard Schwinn's motorcycle inspired influence on bicycle design in 1931 Richard's father Ignaz was compelled to the doors to Excelsior, Schwinn's motorcycle division, Richard who had been Excelsior's Vice-President took charge of the bicycle end of the business and in the depths of the Depression chose to reinvent the bike. Some of the motorcycle inspired design of this bike are ballon tires, steering lock, drum brake, an illuminated speedometer mounted in a cast aluminum handlebar crossbar, a faux gas tank that doubled as a storage compartment with an opening door and a location for the batteries for the horn and headlight, the twin headlights complimented by the fender ornament and the oversized leather covered saddle suspended by leaf spring on a telescopic seatpost were all surely Richards creations these innovations were in no small part responsible for a 600% increase in American bike sales between the 1930's and the 1940's. The bike is all original.