Waterford is a hand-builder of fine custom bicycle frames. Its factory is located in Waterford, Wisconsin, 30 miles southwest of downtown Milwaukee. Founded in 1993, Waterford took over Schwinn Bicycle Company’s Paramount Design Group research and production facility.

Founded by Richard Schwinn and Marc Muller, Waterford built on the Paramount history of excellence and performance and has established its own reputation the custom bicycle world.

Gunnar is made in the Waterford facility with an emphasis on modern tig-welded designs and is all about American hand-frame-building with thoughtful design, solid construction and custom-quality workmanship. They have a wide variety of models available within catagories such as cyclocross, touring, road, track, and mountain bicycles.

Cycle Smithy is proud to be a dealer of both Waterford and Gunnar and is happy to provide our customers with precision fits for custom Waterford or Gunnar orders.

Check out your options at Waterford's website: http://waterfordbikes.com/w/

Gunnar's website: http://gunnarbikes.com/site/