WWII rages and Frank’s bike factory is going full steam converted to manufacturing war materials, as early as 1943 he senses America will get through this trial and starts to dream of bicycles again and how to improve them for the postwar market. As a driving force in bicycle design, he had propelled his family’s business to a 600% increase from the 1931 to 1941. His background in running Excelsior Motorcycle is reflected in his take on reinventing the bicycle. As the motorcycle company falls victim to the depression, its closure in 1931 turns him back to his father’s first business. Balloon tires, spring forks, drum brakes, locking forks, faux gas tanks, lit speedometers, fender ornaments all adopted from the motorcycle results in windfall profits and imitation by all his competitors. As these notes show, a keen attention to detail and marketing insures the ascendance of his product to the highest level with the return of peace.