• Mavic Crossmax ST 29

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The 29er for real mountain biking.

Versatility at its best. The new Crossmax ST 29 offers a perfect balance of features to go up and down the mountains fast and for a long time. This “real” mountain-bike wheelset will stand use and abuse from the 29er enthustiasts. Worry-free ride!




  • Cross-country responsiveness, Cross-mountain strength
Less inertia: optimized rim extrusion, ISM 
Stiff system: 19 mm rim, through axles compatible, Maxtal, Fore, Zicral 
High energy transfer: ITS-4, Isopulse, UST, asymmetrical rim

  • Tough as ever
Rim resistance: 19c, Maxtal alloy, Fore drilling, SUP welding 
Hubs quality: QRM+ bearings, ITS-4 
Strong and light spokes: Zicral

  • Convenience and reliability of a Mavic UST system
Compatibility: 19c rim to fit a wide range of tyre standards, complete discs and axles compatibility 
Ease of use: ready to ride UST standard
Mavic race proven technologies: UST, SUP, Fore, ITS-4, QRM+

  • Weight (pair of wheels): 1710 grams 
front wheel: 825 grams



Technical Specifications


Material: Maxtal
Color: black anodized
Joint: SUP
Drilling: Fore
Disc brake specific profile
Weight reduction: ISM
Valve hole diameter: 6.5 mm
Tyre: UST Tubeless and tubetype
Internal width: 19 mm, asymmetrical
Internal width: 19 mm
ETRTO size: 622x19C
Recommended tyre sizes: 1.5 to 2.3

Material: Zicral
Shape: straight pull, round
Color: black + 1 half black / half white
Nipples: integrated M7 aluminum with brake rings
Count: 24 front and 20 rear
Lacing: front crossed 2, rear Isopulse

Front and rear bodies: oversize aluminum
Color: white
Front and rear axle material: aluminum
ITS-4 alloy