• 1956 Hiawatha Chippewa Starfire

  • $3,000.00

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The bike was manufactured by Ohio based Shelby for the Gambles Department Stores. This bike exhibited a split personality as it attempted to bridge the transition from the American balloon tire cruiser to the English three-speed racer. Showing all of the cruiser attributes of a spring fork, horn tank, fender mounted headlight, rear carrier mounted taillight, crash-rail equipped saddle while simultaneously having British made Sturmey Archer three-speed hub, Swiss made Weinmann caliper brakes it featured the sportier middle weight tires in place of the chunkier balloon tires. When I first saw this bike, I was at a swap meet. I assumed it had been rigged up, but on closer inspection I saw factory relief in the horn tank to allow passage of the shift and brake cables and original factory brackets for front and rear brake mounting. The bike is entirely original.