• Post War Caproni Motorbike

  • $6,000.00

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After having made fighter planes for the axis during WWII, Caproni was relegated to making affordable transportation for a war weary populace the execution of the bike is over engineered but in a most delightful way, certainly could have been made at far less cost but the designers of Italy's war birds weren't satisfied with less excess. Among other things the bike features parallelogram suspension front fork so subtly executed many people don't even realize it is a suspension front fork, were other manufacture making clip-on motors were satisfied with rub dry this used a chain drive on the bikes left side as the pedaled chain occupied the right side the diminutive engine was proprietary design for this one application as shown by the way it fits in the frame and the orientation of the cylinder heads cooling fins the break linkage is a combination of internal and external routing, using both brake rods and brake cables. The bike is all original.