This bridge made bike was Raleigh first attempt at the very popular muscle bike design, the first years manufactures was tested in Britain to good reviews. The following year the model was offered to the American Market and due to the cultural differences of those riders a large percentage of the American sold bikes suffered frame breakages. The weak part of the design was the long banana seat which allowed double up riding that the frame couldn't hold up to. A revised model followed incorporating a shorter saddle and a modified frame design the only reason this bike exists undamaged is that I found it as a NOS frame set in a bike shop and built it up from there. The bike features a Sturmy Archer 5 speed internal gear hub that is shifted by a console mounted twin shift stick controls mounted between the twin top tubes. The wheel set is a 20" by 16" configuration shod with Raleigh red line tires. Bike also has small rear luggage rack and the Raleigh Heron Chain ring.